Cloudflare Tunnel

This is a step by step to set up a Cloudflare Tunnel to access a home server such as Jellyfin

Alexander El-Hage

11/23/20232 min read

1) Start by purchasing a web domain from Squarespace

a- Pick any domain you fancy and purchase it, you will then have a domain management portal to work with. Most domains are between $10 to $20 a year and well worth it.

2) Head over to Cloudflare to set up a free account

a- Make sure to select the free plan and sign up with your information.

b- Click "Add Site" on your dashboard and type in your domain from step 1.

3) Set up your DNS records

a- Click continue and find "4. Add Cloudflare's nameservers"

b- Copy and paste each nameserver to your Squarespace domains custom name servers page and hit save. This will usually take about 5-60 minutes to update.

c- Click next on Cloudflare and wait until you get the confirmation email that it is set up.

4) Set up your Tunnel

a- Go to your Cloudflare dashboard and navigate to the "Zero Trust" tab.

b- Go to "Access" --> "Tunnels". You will need to create a team name, select a free plan, and put in a payment method (you will not be charged).

c- Click back to Tunnels and click "Create Tunnel" - now give it a simple name.

d- Select the operating system your device/server is using and copy that link or method to install it on your device/server.

e- Once installed you will need to launch your device/servers terminal/cmd and paste in the provided token code. Make sure to launch as administrator.

f- Once this has run your tunnel is linked and then you can name it, enter a name for the device/server, select your domain, and for type do https and URL will be your device/servers IP:Port. Don't forget to save! Example below.

Name: MediaServer | Domain: | Type: HTTPS | URL:

g- Once done your tunnel should be active and ready. To test go on an external device outside your network and type in your site! Example below.

h- Congrats! Your server/source should be visible even though it will say risky, it is not.