About me

Growing up I was always fascinated by machines, science, and technology. At a young age I was amazed by my beloved original XBOX, building Lego Mindstorm Robots, and spending a bit too much time on our home computer.

When I got my first iPhone I was thrown into another world of technology, as soon as I could I Jailbroke it and starting installing custom themes, widgets, and modifying my operating system with custom features.

Beginning Highschool I made friends with someone who taught me how to build computers. I built my first gaming pc at 15, I still remember it had an I5-4690k, GTX 970, 8gb ram, 128gb SSD, and 1tb HDD. This world of pc video games, modding, custom servers, and VOIP chat like Skype and TeamSpeak was the beginning of my obsession with computers.

Over the years I constantly upgraded, modified, and replaced my gaming computers. Every year I would build a new one and sell the old to friends who wanted to get into PC gaming. This was all concurrent with my Highschool job at our towns Best Buy. I was the youngest Computer Sales Associate at the location and I learned significantly more about computers, laptops, printers, monitors, software, and networking. This time laid the groundwork of my technical knowhow. Troubleshooting is much easier when you've been doing it at work and at home since you were young.

When I went off to college I was not sure what I wanted my career to be, I knew so little about jobs and careers at that age and just picked Mechanical Engineering as a safe option. Later I was convinced to switch to go Pre-Med and study Biology since I have always been fascinated by the human body, however over time I came to the realization that this is not my passion.

I dropped out of college near the end and went into an entry level Technical Recruiting job to pay the bills and learn more about the job market, I thought that maybe I could find what career I wanted this way.

Over my time I explored many different career options such as sales, software development, and management. My time spent learning JavaScript, CSS, and HTML gave me a taste of what a career in tech would be like.

I eventually came to realize that a career in IT was standing in front of me and I had been blind to it for years. Quickly I dove into research, asking friends and friends of friends for advice, watching videos, and sending out LinkedIn messages. I was so excited that I had finally found a career I would fit into, I took a risk and quit my Executive Recruiting job and devoted all of my time to searching for an entry level position. I landed an IT Support Agent position with Fagron, a global pharmaceutical company with it's North American headquarters here in Austin. I jumped head first into my role and enrolled at Western Governors University for an online Bachelors of Science in IT.

Now I am blessed to say that I love what I do at work and I love what I study at home. I am working and studying hard to accelerate my growth and become a highly educated and knowledgeable IT Professional.